bayliadahlia asked:
Hi i saw your post about the National Geographic expeditions and I absolutely would love to do one. Could you tell me a bit more about the experience and other things like the cost of the trip roughly? Thanks so much :)

The trips travel all across the globe and some are field-specific. For example, mine was focused on photography and creative writing. We had two guides (Jes and Annie) who stayed with our group of 11 at a hostel in Lucca, Italy. We were also joined by National Geographic photographer Massimo Bassano. We were given a lot of freedom to go shopping, eat, and explore, but we had to come back to show everyone what pictures/writing we had each night during a group discussion. The trip was about two weeks long. I learned a lot about my camera, photography, photography as a career, and about myself during the trip! It was absolutely life-changing!

1984 by George Orwell
One of my most beloved books; you can tell because the pages have almost begun to fall off the spine.
My makeup is so on point tonight and I’m not even going anywhere.
Momma helped take my sorority recruitment picture today.
4/20, 4:20, and the lucky blue bear.
Me, Matt, and Chris. We threw Chris’s surprise birthday party today!
An Evening with Neil Young at the Meyerson Symphony Center
Braden, after our workout. Everything is falling into place. I’m beginning to talk with people on my floor and I’m so excited to start in a new state!