Braden, after our workout. Everything is falling into place. I’m beginning to talk with people on my floor and I’m so excited to start in a new state!
273/365 (April 15, 2014)
Since it’s been ~9 months since I first began my 365 project, here are some updates:
Officially know where I’m going to live. 6th floor of Schurz Hall at the University of Missouri!
Officially know (and love) my roommate!
Planning my dorm! This was just some of the stuff I’ll be driving up to MO in the fall.
I’m seriously considering changing my major. I just don’t know if photography is the route for me as a career… I want to travel and take pictures, but I don’t want to be starving or shooting family pictures.
Graduation is in less than two months and I am so ready.
I am so lucky to have had someone to watch the lunar eclipse last night with. We drove to the countryside and parked on a dirt road. It was beautiful and fit to the tune of Daft Punk.
I bought my first pair of cowboy boots today with Chris M. I love them!
Chris L. What a crazy night.
Hung out with Chris, Toni, and Evan today. Drove downtown and in the countryside. It’s so weird to think none of us will be in the same state next year.
Homework and boyfriend on Skype. (I’m so sorry about how the computer screen looks.)
83F & all white